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US Government Fighting to Vacate Ruling that Made Mask Mandates Illegal

May 25, 2023

Jamil Adams
The U.S. Justice Department is seeking to overturn a ruling that deemed it unlawful to require masks on public transportation during the COVID-19 pandemic, citing the end of the national emergency. The ruling in question was made by a panel of the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in January, stating that the CDC lacked legal authority for a nationwide travel mask mandate. The Justice Department argues that since the national emergency has ended, the mandate should be removed. 

However, the plaintiffs in the lawsuit argue against overturning the decision, expressing concerns about future government mask mandates without judicial scrutiny. The Justice Department suggests either vacating the case or limiting relief to the original plaintiffs. Recently, President Joe Biden and his administration ended COVID-19 vaccination requirements for international travelers and federal workers with the conclusion of the public health emergency.

US Travel Association Says Country Must 'Evolve' to Stay Competitive in Travel

May 24, 2023

Jamil Adams
Jeff Freeman, the CEO of USTA, emphasized the travel industry's need to address emerging challenges and improve competitiveness in the global market. He highlighted four areas of focus: lowering visa wait times, addressing entry delays at U.S. Customs, improving the air travel experience, and increasing global competitiveness.

To lower visa wait times, Freeman urged the Biden administration to prioritize reducing delays in visa interviews, which currently average over a year in countries like Brazil, India, and Mexico. He emphasized the negative impact of long wait times on potential travelers.
Freeman also called for addressing entry delays at U.S. Customs, where international visitors often face wait times of over an hour at airports. He advocated for increasing the number of customs officers and establishing more preclearance locations worldwide to ensure efficient and secure entry processes.

USTA aims to enhance the air travel experience for U.S. visitors by creating a world-class system that meets demand efficiently. This involves expanding the trusted traveler program, implementing biometric technology at screening checkpoints, and doubling the number of preclearance locations globally. These measures aim to provide a seamless and secure travel experience.

In terms of global competitiveness, Freeman stressed the need for the U.S. to compete with other countries in attracting travelers. He highlighted the creation of the Assistant Secretary for Travel and Tourism position within the Department of Commerce as a significant step. This position will help develop and coordinate a national travel strategy, support efforts to attract visitors and host international events, and secure funding from Congress.
TSA Says Agency Ready for Busy Summer Air Travel Season

May 23, 2023

Jamil Adams
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is prepared to handle a large number of passengers at airport security checkpoints during the busy summer travel season in the United States. On May 26, the busiest day of the Memorial Day weekend, the TSA expects to screen around 2.6 million passengers. To accommodate the increased travel, teenagers aged 13-17 can accompany PreCheck-enrolled parents or guardians through screening if they are booked on the same reservation. The TSA encourages travelers to enroll in PreCheck for faster screening, offering a five-year membership for $78. In April, 94 percent of PreCheck passengers waited less than five minutes at the checkpoint. 

The TSA Administrator, David Pekoske, stated that the agency is ready for the anticipated increase in summer travel, with improved staffing levels and better pay for TSA employees starting on July 1. The TSA is also deploying new technology solutions, including Credential Authentication Technology (CAT) units, to enhance security effectiveness and efficiency nationwide. These units confirm the authenticity of passengers' identification credentials, flight details, and pre-screening status.
Summer Travel Expectations, Pain Points for Americans

May 22, 2023

Jamil Adams
New data reveals the preferences and challenges faced by American travelers for the upcoming summer. Inflation concerns have impacted travel, leading to a nine percent increase in overall prices compared to last summer. However, 26 percent of travelers plan to increase their spending on leisure travel in the next three months, a significant rise from the first quarter.

A majority of U.S. travelers (81 percent) have road trips planned for the next six months, with families with children being more inclined to take a summer vacation compared to non-parents. Business travel is also expected to increase, with over 80 percent of business travelers having plans to travel for work in the next six months.

Financial constraints are a concern for many Americans, although the percentage of travelers citing personal financial reasons for not having leisure plans dropped to 37 percent in the second quarter from 51 percent in the first quarter.

Flight-related issues such as delays and cancellations have led to rising concerns among travelers. A significant 52 percent of respondents expressed that they would travel more for leisure in the next six months if the travel experience was less of a hassle, a notable increase from the beginning of 2023.

Factors such as increased flight availability, direct flight options, travel discounts, and loyalty programs are expected to encourage both leisure and business travelers to choose air travel in the coming months.

American travelers recognize the positive impact of travel on the economy. The majority (68 percent) agree that travel is important for local businesses and jobs in their community, while 62 percent believe that taxes paid by travelers are essential for funding public services like firefighters, police, and teachers.

Carnival Dream Helps Rescue 17 People From Waters Off Belize

May 19, 2023

Jamil Adams
The crew of Carnival Cruise Line's Carnival Dream successfully rescued 17 people who were stranded in the Belize Channel after their boat capsized. While en route to Cozumel, the ship's officers spotted the overturned boat and immediately alerted the Belize Coast Guard. They deployed a shipboard tender and collaborated with local boats from Belize to safely rescue all 17 individuals. 

After confirming that everyone was in good condition, the rescued group was transferred to land with the assistance of the Belize Coast Guard. Carnival Dream then resumed its scheduled itinerary, continuing on to Cozumel before returning to its homeport in Galveston on May 20.

CDC Issues Travel Warning to Mexico After Fungal Meningitis Infections

May 18, 2023

Jamil Adams
The CDC has issued a warning to travelers considering medical trips to Mexico due to suspected fungal meningitis infections among Americans who recently underwent medical procedures in Matamoros. Five Texas residents were diagnosed with fungal meningitis, resulting in one death and four hospitalizations. 

The infected individuals had received epidurals during their procedures. The CDC and Texas health department advised others who had received the same shot in Matamoros to watch out for symptoms. The U.S. Department of State also updated travel warnings for Jamaica and Colombia to Level 3 (Reconsider Travel) and Chile to Level 2 (Exercise Increased Caution).

IATA Says Proposed Passenger Compensation Rule Will Raise Costs for Travelers

May 17, 2023

Jamil Adams
The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has criticized the decision by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Biden Administration to require airlines to provide financial compensation for controllable flight delays and cancellations. The new law would mandate compensation, meals or meal vouchers, and timely customer service during and after widespread flight irregularities. The IATA argues that this regulation will raise the cost of air travel for consumers and create unrealistic expectations among travelers. 

They state that most delays and cancellations are caused by factors such as weather, air traffic controller shortages, runway closures, equipment failures, and supply chain issues, which are beyond the airlines' control. The IATA believes that punitive regulations like financial compensation will not improve the level of flight delays and cancellations. The DOT, under Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, has also expanded its Airline Customer Service Dashboard to provide information on compensation offered by airlines for delays and cancellations.

Disney Realigns for Sustained Growth and Success – Could Expansion Be on the Horizon?

May 16, 2023

Jamil Adams
Despite experiencing a loss, the Walt Disney Company's quarterly earnings were not as bad as anticipated. Disney's share price has declined over the past two years, mainly due to challenges like the pandemic, conflicts with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, employee layoffs, and a Hollywood writers strike. However, the company's revenue increased by 13 percent compared to the same quarter last year, reaching $21.81 billion. CEO Bob Iger remains optimistic, highlighting the strategic changes and successful accomplishments in various areas such as movies, television, sports news, theme parks, and streaming services. 

Disney's theme park division is a concern, but increased attendance at Disneyland in California and higher ticket prices at Disneyland Shanghai and Disneyland Paris have helped offset losses. The company is focusing on its streaming business and advertising potential. Iger also mentioned a significant transformation within the organization, emphasizing cost-cutting initiatives and a target of $5.5 billion in savings. 

While the feud with Governor DeSantis was not extensively discussed, it may proceed to court as both parties have filed lawsuits. Disney World, with its significant number of employees, is not planning to relocate and hopes to resolve the situation through the Reedy Creek special district. Iger mentioned potential expansion possibilities in Florida, California, and other international locations, indicating that Disney has ample opportunities for growth. The company's commitment to innovation and creating new attractions ensures a continued presence and success in the industry. Overall, Disney shows no signs of slowing down in the foreseeable future.
Intrepid Travel Looks To the 'Rise of the Conscious Traveler

May 15, 2023

Jamil Adams
Intrepid Travel's introduction of a premium product in 2020 has resulted in increased sales and stronger relationships with travel advisors. The company's focus on the "conscious traveler" who is aware of the impact of their trips on the environment, culture, and climate has been successful, with revenues 80 percent higher than in 2019. Intrepid is proud to be the largest adventure travel B Corporation, prioritizing employee rights, fair wages, and high business standards. 

The company has expanded its customer base by offering higher-end tours, attracting a market segment between 60 and 70 years old while maintaining its traditional 25-35-year-old demographic. Intrepid has also started exploring lesser-known destinations and creating women-only and women-led expeditions, providing employment opportunities and support to local communities. The company aims to offer more immersive and sustainable experiences to cater to the preferences of both older and younger clients. 

Additionally, Intrepid has strengthened its relationships with travel advisors, joining multiple consortia and expanding its North American partnerships team. The operator plans to refresh its Specialist Program for advisors and introduce a separate Intrepid Polar Specialist certification. The premium product offers higher commissions for advisors, and the company is considering selling additional services like airfare and travel insurance. Overall, Intrepid's premium product has been recognized as a valuable option that competes with luxury brands at a more affordable price point.

Domestic Airfare Prices Down, International Flights Up Ahead of Summer Travel Season

May 11, 2023

Jamil Adams
Domestic flight prices in the United States are expected to drop to an average of $306 this summer from $376 last year. However, the cost of international flights is expected to rise significantly, with average ticket prices for travel to Europe estimated to be around $1,100, up from $861 before the pandemic. 

Other international flights to Asia, Africa/Middle East, and Australia are also expected to be more expensive by $200-$600. Contributing factors to the increase in international airfare include the high cost of jet fuel, demand outpacing seat capacity, and top destinations dropping COVID-related travel restrictions.

US Senator Jerry Moran Named Co-Chair of Senate Travel and Tourism Caucus

May 11, 2023

Jamil Adams
US Senator Jerry Moran (R-KS) is joining Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) as co-chair of the Senate Travel and Tourism Caucus, which comprises 23 members. The caucus supports efforts to increase and promote travel to and within the US, including reducing visitor visa wait times. 

The move comes at a critical time for the industry, which generated $2.6tn in economic output last year and employs almost 15 million workers across all travel sectors. Moran replaces former senator Roy Blunt as co-chair of the caucus.
A New Era for Tourism in the Dominican Republic

May 10, 2023

Jamil Adams
The Dominican Republic has recently held the Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE) 2023, which is the most important tourism fair for the island destination. The Dominican Republic has confirmed that the industry represents 25 percent of the nation's economy. The country aims to reach 10 million tourists and is planning to reach 9.8 million tourists. The Dominican Republic has been recognised as the number one producer in the Caribbean. The country is increasing its focus on sustainable tourism by becoming an environmentally friendly destination, with the elimination of the use of plastics in hotels. 

They also plan to reduce the price of air tickets with the United States by signing the Open Skies Treaty. Furthermore, the country is promoting a project to improve beaches through a heavy investment focused on ending prostitution and abuse of young people. In terms of security, the Dominican Republic is investing more than $3 million to strengthen the tourist police. The country is projecting between 2,000 and 3,000 rooms in different destinations over the next 20 months.

Hawaii May Face Increasing Challenges with Overtourism As Legislature Mulls Disbanding Hawaii Tourism Authority

May 9, 2023

Jamil Adams
Hawaii's tourism industry is facing potential overtourism challenges as the summer travel season approaches. The state's tourism office has not received any funding in the proposed state tourism budget bill for fiscal year 2023-2024, and there are concerns that eliminating the agency from the tourism budget would pose a serious challenge to managing tourism on the islands. 

Lawmakers suggest the tourism office can access $30 million in unused funds from the American Rescue Plan Act to continue managing tourism. The changes being pushed by lawmakers come just two years after Hawaii's tourism board kicked off an effort to incorporate and emphasize authentic Native Hawaiian culture into every part of the visitor industry. The news also comes as Hawaii reports increasing recovery of its tourism industry.

The Rise in Art Travel

May 8, 2023

Jamil Adams
Embark Beyond's recent trends report reveals that art is becoming as influential in travel choices as food. Art festivals, cities with an art scene, art shopping trips, and visiting artist studios are among the most requested experiences the network is receiving. According to the report, destinations with a cool art scene are getting attention from jet setters and the “culturati” alike. Advisors with high-end clients are creating private programs tailored to the individual client.

Affiliating with an advisor network enables advisors to scale their businesses differently. The rewards can be substantial, and advisors are seeing the power of art in travel. Tour operators have also recognized the selling power of art, with Tauck emphasizing art in their journeys as part of a comprehensive immersion into local culture.

Data Shows Demand for Air Travel Still High

May 5, 2023

Jamil Adams
Despite concerns about an economic downturn, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has reported that demand for commercial air travel continued to rise in March, with total traffic up 52.4% compared to the same month in 2022. Domestic traffic rose 34.1% and international traffic climbed 68.9%, with all markets showing strong growth. 

North American airlines saw the biggest year-over-year increase in traffic, while European carriers also experienced significant growth. IATA Director General Willie Walsh expects the strong growth to continue throughout the peak summer travel season based on current ticket sales.

Travelers Keeping Plans, Brushing Off Recession Predictions

May 4, 2023

Jamil Adams
Despite concerns about a potential recession, the majority of experienced travelers are not canceling or postponing their international trips in 2023. Adventure trips, fishing trips, beach getaways, and hiking excursions are the top travel choices, and Africa is the most popular destination. Travelers are now more concerned about injury or illness than pandemic-related worries, with civil unrest and trip cancellations ranking lower. 

The CEO of The Global Rescue Companies advises travelers to take additional precautions, such as emergency medical and security evacuation protection, due to the shifting travel landscape since the pandemic.

What the NDC Rollout Means for Travel Advisors

May 3, 2023

Jamil Adams
American Airlines set a deadline for distribution channels to connect to NDC (New Distribution Capability), a technology that enables a richer airline shopping experience for buyers. Although the change was met with resistance from several industry organizations, NDC sales are growing steadily and have already changed the way airlines and advisors do business. 

The technology allows for customized and personalized sales, such as booking seats, premium seating, airport lounge passes, and meals on a central platform. To be NDC-ready, advisors must have a relationship with one or many aggregators to access and service these NDC transactions. Despite the challenges, the goal is to help agents create a more customized experience for travelers.

FAA Activates New Direct Plane Routes Ahead of Summer

May 2, 2023

Jamil Adams
The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched 169 new routes along the East Coast ahead of the busy summer travel season. The new routes will save time and distance, prevent delays and increase flexibility in operations. 

They were developed in collaboration with the aviation industry over seven years and will operate mostly at altitudes above 18,000 feet along the East Coast and offshore over the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.

Inflation Impacting Majority of Americans' Summer Vacation Plans

May 1, 2023

Jamil Adams
The majority of Americans are changing their summer vacation plans due to inflation, with 62% of those who can't afford a vacation blaming rising prices. However, 63% of US adults still plan to take a summer vacation this year, with spending on cheaper accommodations being the main way to save money. recommends using credit card rewards, frequent flyer miles, and hotel points to save money. 

There is a division among generations when it comes to vacation plans, and parents with children are more likely to take a summer vacation than non-parents. Bankrate's senior industry analyst urges people to take time off, even if it means playing tourist in their local area or staying at home to relax.
US Travel and Tourism Sector on Track To Surpass 2019’s Record Highs

April 28, 2023

Jamil Adams
The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) has found that the U.S. travel and tourism sector is expected to achieve record-breaking highs in 2023, surpassing pre-pandemic levels of 2019. The sector is predicted to contribute $2.24 trillion to the economy, exceed the 2019 record high of $2.17 trillion, and create over 1.2 million jobs. 

While the industry recovered 84% of the jobs that were lost due to the pandemic, international visitor spending is still 43.4% below 2019 figures. The WTTC forecasts that the U.S. sector will increase its GDP contribution to over $3 trillion over the next decade, representing 10% of the overall U.S. economy.

Beaches Resorts Expands Autism-Friendly Programming

April 27, 2023

Jamil Adams
Beaches Resorts is an all-inclusive, family-friendly resort company that offers many options for families with special needs, including advanced autism-friendly kids camps and Beach Buddies for one-on-one support. The company has completed the rigorous International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) and Autism Certification. Recently, the company has released all-new Sensory Guides to help caregivers and guests with cognitive disabilities navigate the resort's sensory-friendly options. 

The Sensory Guides were developed by the IBCCES and are made up of extensive resort maps with public areas rated on a scale of 1-10 for sensory stimulation. In addition, the resort has a partnership with Sesame Street and welcomed a new character, Julia, a 4-year-old with autism. Throughout the month of April, the resorts are offering daily sensory arts and crafts and activities for Autism Acceptance Month.
All You Need To Know About Visiting Britain for the Coronation of King Charles III

April 26, 2023

Jamil Adams
Get ready to witness history in the making as King Charles III's official Coronation takes place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London. Whether you're a Royal Family fan or not, this historic event promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. While most won't have an invitation to the festivities, there are plenty of ways to soak up the Coronation vibe, from catching a glimpse of the procession along The Mall to watching the ceremony on special viewing screens in Hyde Park, Green Park, and St. James's Park. Explore London at its finest, visit special exhibitions showcasing Britain's royal heritage, or go shopping among the Royal Warrant Holders. 

And if you can't make it for the Coronation, there are still plenty of opportunities to experience some Royal atmosphere across England, Scotland, and Wales throughout the year. Plan ahead, expect large crowds, and make the most of this historic weekend in London and beyond!

Jamaica’s Top Airport Faces Challenges With Massive Influx of Tourists

April 25, 2023

Jamil Adams
Jamaica's largest airport, Sangster International Airport, is experiencing staffing shortages and long wait times for passengers due to a significant increase in international travelers. Between January and March, 1.18 million people arrived at the airport, a 94 percent increase compared to the same period in 2022, and a record high for Jamaica's tourism high season. The influx of tourists has resulted in long queues and hours-long waits. 

The government is working on improving the situation with better technology and eliminating paperwork upon arrival. The airport is also undergoing a $70 million modernization and expansion project, including lengthening the runway, expanding the immigration hall and departure lounge, and installing self-service kiosks, as part of the Tourism Ministry's plan to attract over five million visitors annually by 2025, a 35 percent increase from 2022.
American Airlines Plane Catches on Fire

April 24, 2023

Jamil Adams
An American Airlines flight experienced a fire on the runway at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, causing the plane to return to the terminal. Thankfully, there were no injuries reported among the passengers or crew of the Airbus A-321 aircraft. 

Passenger Claire Dundon described the incident as a scary moment with everyone panicking, but the plane was able to taxi back to the gate safely under its own power, as stated by American Airlines in their statement. The affected plane was subsequently taken out of service, and passengers were rebooked on an alternate flight to Dallas. As of early Saturday morning, the cause of the fire remained unknown.
Travelers Face Dilemma: Cost Versus Conscience When It Comes to Sustainable Travel

April 21, 2023

Jamil Adams
Global economic uncertainty is impacting consumers' decisions regarding sustainable travel, according to a new report from While 76 percent of travelers express a desire to travel more sustainably in the next 12 months, the same percentage of respondents feel that the global energy crisis and rising cost of living are affecting their travel spending plans. Nearly half of travelers believe that sustainable travel options are too expensive, and many feel forced to choose between sustainability and cost-cutting measures. 

Despite this, the report also highlights positive trends, such as an increasing number of travelers adopting eco-conscious habits from home, including reusing towels and turning off appliances in accommodations. However, travelers also face barriers in finding sustainable travel options, with limited information and perceived lack of options being cited as challenges. The report also shows that there is a strong appetite among consumers for sustainable travel solutions, with a majority expressing the importance of traveling more sustainably. Travelers are also taking small steps to contribute to a more sustainable future, such as using reusable shopping bags, recycling waste, and choosing to travel outside of peak season to avoid overcrowding.

Cannabis-Friendly Hotels and Resorts to Consider as Industry's Marijuana Options Grow

April 20, 2023

Jamil Adams
As marijuana-related tourism gains popularity, hotels and resorts are catering to the trend by offering cannabis-friendly accommodations and packages. Data shows that the cannabis tourism industry is already worth $17 billion, and a significant percentage of Americans have tried marijuana or are interested in visiting cannabis dispensaries while traveling. 

The hotel industry is also looking to capitalize on this trend, with experts projecting worldwide sales of $55.9 billion by 2026. Some examples of cannabis-friendly hotels and resorts include The Lexi in Las Vegas, Scotia Lodge in California, The Jupiter in Portland, Aldrich Guest House in Galena, The Brambles & The Madrones in Philo, Clarendon Hotel and Spa in Phoenix, and Sol Spirit Retreats in Willow Creek. As marijuana legalization continues to evolve, more hotels and resorts are incorporating cannabis into the travel experience.
Marriott Hit With $225,000 Fine for Failing To Disclose Hidden Resort Fees

April 19, 2023

Jamil Adams
Marriott International has been fined $225,000 in Pennsylvania for failing to adhere to a settlement that required transparent disclosure of resort fees. Pennsylvania State Attorney General Michelle Henry announced the fine as part of a new agreement with Marriott, stating that the hotel giant must comply with the 2021 settlement by improving how it provides information about resort fees during the booking process by May 15. 

Marriott had been granted multiple extensions but failed to meet the latest deadline in February. The original settlement required Marriott to clearly list mandatory fees at all steps during the booking process. Marriott has stated that it will make changes to its display by May 15, 2023, to comply with the agreement.
Suspicious Bag Briefly Shut Down Newark Airport

April 18, 2023

Jamil Adams
Newark-Liberty International Airport, one of the largest airports in the country, was briefly closed for approximately 45 minutes on Sunday night due to a suspicious package found in Terminal C, which is mostly used by United Airlines for arrivals. 

A local bomb squad was called to the baggage claim area, and the terminal was cleared and reopened within an hour. Over 500 flights were delayed and 190-plus flights were canceled on Sunday, according to The suspicious package was cleared, but no further information was available. As of Monday morning, the airport was operating normally.
Hidden Cameras Among Travelers' Top Vacation Rental Concerns

April 17, 2023

Jamil Adams
A new survey by IPX1031 found that 64% of Americans plan to rent vacation properties in 2023, with 60% preferring private homes. Privacy and security were identified as top priorities by 58% of respondents, who are concerned about hidden cameras. Meanwhile, 22% of Americans have had bad rental experiences, with 25% citing dirty properties. 

Additionally, 66% of Americans reported that cleaning fees have increased and 46% decided not to rent due to additional charges. Lastly, general property policies, such as strict cancellation and rule policies, were identified as less appealing to 70% and 69% of respondents, respectively. Earlier in the year, Key Data revealed a significant rise in the number of vacation rental reservations made in January, particularly in the US and the UK.

Three Hotels Making a Difference for the Planet During Earth Month and All Year Long

April 14, 2023

Jamil Adams
Hotels and resorts are increasingly integrating eco-conscious programming to protect the planet and engage guests. Three hotels in Colorado, Hawaii, and California are emphasizing sustainability during Earth Month. St. Julien Hotel & Spa in Boulder, Colorado, hired a full-time sustainability coordinator, increased its recycling by nearly 2,900 pounds per month, and has announced eco-friendly goals for the coming year. 

Prince Waikiki in Hawaii has two on-property sustainable gardens, zero food waste partnerships, nearly 100% locally sourced produce, and a hotel rooftop produce garden. It also partners with local nonprofits Aloha Harvest and Sustainable Coastlines. Hotel Nia in California has a "Sustainability Suite" that includes a sustainability-themed library and an in-room recycling program. These hotels are working towards environmental sustainability while strengthening their commitment to local communities.

International Visitor Spend Is Breaking Records

April 13, 2023

Jamil Adams
International visitors to the US spent a record $16.9 billion in February, a 64% increase from the same month in 2022, marking the twenty-third consecutive month of year-over-year gains, according to data from the National Travel and Tourism Office. In contrast, Americans spent $17.4 billion traveling abroad during February, resulting in a trade deficit of over $480 billion for the month. 

However, visa wait times remain a barrier to the US remaining competitive as an international destination, with 49% of international tourists from non-Visa Waiver Program countries citing visa issues as a barrier to visiting the US, according to a recent survey.
TSA Warns Travelers With Marijuana at American Airports Ahead of 4/20

April 12, 2023

Jamil Adams
The TSA has issued guidance for travelers carrying marijuana, stating that if discovered, the matter will be referred to local law enforcement regardless of the state's stance on marijuana. Since it remains illegal under federal law, agents will handle the discovery of marijuana in the same way at every airport. 

Police will then decide whether to initiate a criminal investigation or let the person carry the contraband based on local laws. Other cannabis-infused products are also illegal under federal law, unless they contain no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis or are approved by the FDA. A survey last year showed that 65 percent of Americans would travel to a place to experience its licensed marijuana market.

US Travel Worried Over Sector’s Worker Shortage for Peak Summer Season

April 11, 2023

Jamil Adams
The US Travel Association has responded to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' employment report, which showed a slowdown in the growth of travel and tourism industry jobs in March 2023. Despite the leisure and hospitality sector still adding 72,000 jobs, which is trending positively, it is less robust than the average monthly gain of 95,000 new jobs recorded over the previous six months. 

With staffing shortages still an issue, the association called on the US government to facilitate the hiring of more seasonal foreign workers to fill gaps, in order to meet the demand of the upcoming peak summer season.

European Travel Becoming More Expensive

April 10, 2023

Jamil Adams
U.S. travelers planning a trip to Europe this summer can expect to pay more compared to last year, as the dollar has lost about 14% of its value against the euro since last fall. Last year, Americans took advantage of a 1:1 exchange rate with the euro for the first time in two decades, but now they need at least $1.10 to buy one euro. 

Experts attribute the change in value to interest rates, as the U.S. Federal Reserve is approaching the end of its rate-hiking cycle, making the U.S. less attractive to investors and ultimately weakening the dollar. Despite the increase in price, foreign travel is still considered a bargain for Americans.

Royal Caribbean Group Appoints New Celebrity Cruises President & CEO

April 7, 2023

Jamil Adams
Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, the current CEO of Celebrity Cruises, will be stepping down from her role as of May 1st and assuming the role of Vice Chair, External Affairs for Royal Caribbean Group. In her place, Laura Hodges Bethge, currently Executive Vice President, Shared Services Operations, will become Celebrity Cruises' brand president. 

Lutoff-Perlo has had an impressive career with Royal Caribbean Group and has been instrumental in transforming the Celebrity Cruises brand. Under her leadership, Celebrity Cruises achieved record growth, revenues and profits and underwent a $500 million fleetwide revitalization project.
Hawaiian Government Working on Details of New Tourism Fee

April 6, 2023

Jamil Adams
Hawaii is considering a law that would require tourists to buy a yearlong pass to visit parks and trails as part of an effort to offset environmental damage done by travelers. The pass would be required for those aged 15 and above who want to visit Hawaii’s “forests, parks, trails or other natural area on state land.” 

The move follows a similar model presented in Venice, Italy, and Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands to avoid overcrowding and repair damage done to the local landscape. There are concerns about the legislation being unconstitutional, as it infringes on free travel within the US. The bill is currently being discussed in Hawaii’s Congress.
US Airlines Leaning on Loyalty Programs to Secure Long-Term Success

April 5, 2023

Jamil Adams
US airline executives believe that loyalty programs and award miles could help the industry thrive despite a potential economic recession. Loyalty programs have become a significant source of income for airlines, as third-party partners award miles to customers based on their spending and pay airlines based on the miles awarded. 

The share of revenue generated by loyalty programs for the five largest airlines in the US increased from 12% pre-pandemic to 16% in 2021. Carriers are looking to expand their loyalty programs with new partners. Meanwhile, pressure from the US government has forced the Federal Aviation Administration to issue a safety alert for airlines, pilots, and flight control operations due to a series of high-profile near collisions.
Cruise Lines Are Delivering More Sophisticated, Sustainable Culinary Experiences

April 4, 2023

Jamil Adams
Leading cruise lines are innovating and upgrading the food-and-beverage offerings on board their ships, striving to exceed passenger expectations while also making culinary operations more sustainable. According to cruise line executives, culinary offerings are key to the passenger experience, and the industry is responding to consumer demand for more restricted diets, such as vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free. 

Despite supply chain issues and higher prices impacting operations, cruise lines are looking to cut costs and control costs, for example, by reducing waste and embracing sustainable strategies. There will also be exciting new food concepts and technologies on new cruise ships set to launch in the coming years.
FAA Warns of Air Traffic Controller Shortage Ahead of Summer Travel Season

April 3, 2023

Jamil Adams
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is warning of staffing shortages at the New York Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON), responsible for orchestrating flights to and from New York metro area’s airports, which could cause delays and disruptions during the peak summer travel season. 

The FAA is asking airlines to operate fewer flights using larger planes to ease airspace and airport traffic. The FAA predicts 45% more delays if nothing changes, and with consumer demand rising, this summer’s travel to the region is forecast to increase by 7% over last summer. The airlines have until April 30 to decide their next move, and United and Delta have reportedly expressed initial approval of the FAA’s proposal.
Air Travel Complaints Quadruple From Pre-Pandemic Levels

March 31 2023

Jamil Adams
Complaints about air travel have nearly quadrupled compared to three years ago, according to new data analysis from the US PIRG Education Fund. The number of people flying with US airlines in 2022 remains below pre-pandemic 2019 levels, and the biggest complaint is the lack of refunds from airlines. The analysis also shows that airlines canceled 190,038 flights in the US in 2022, and 1.44 million more flights were delayed. 

Additionally, mishandled baggage represented problems with a higher percentage of checked bags than in 2021 or 2019. All of these negative trends got worse in 2022, and this news comes as the industry is preparing for the busiest travel season in four years, with 78 million passengers projected in April.
TSA Budget Proposal Improves Security, Efficiency and Traveler Experience

March 30 2023

Jamil Adams
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has discussed details of the Fiscal Year 2024 Budget proposed by President Biden. The budget proposal includes $10.4 billion funding for employee compensation, provisions to accommodate increasing passenger travel volumes, and maintaining wait time standards. The funding will also add $70 million to expand Computed Tomography (CT) deployments to airport checkpoints nationwide and $151 million to fund TSA’s efforts to mitigate cyber threats. 

The budget also includes funding for modernizing airport checkpoints and enhancing customer experience strategic initiatives. The TSA administrator, David Pekoske, expressed gratitude for the funding, emphasizing the importance of a dedicated and well-trained workforce and the sound deployment of next-generation technology to enhance security, checkpoint efficiency, and an improved passenger experience.

Travel Industry Unites To Help Travelers Find Sustainable Options

March 29 2023

Jamil Adams
The U.S. Travel Association has launched JourneyToClean, a new platform to assist travelers in making eco-friendly travel decisions. With 90% of travelers desiring sustainable travel options, JourneyToClean provides over 100 examples of sustainable travel practices across the travel ecosystem, such as carbon emissions reduction, resource conservation, waste reduction, and natural attraction protection. 

The platform includes efforts from more than 50 travel businesses, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Expedia, Google Travel, Hilton, Marriott, and Disney Parks & Resorts. JourneyToClean provides pages for online booking, lodging and resorts, destinations, and traveling, highlighting the eco-friendly efforts of key players in the travel industry.
US Government Working on Bill to Ban Unruly Passengers From Flights

March 28 2023

Jamil Adams
The US government plans to reintroduce the "Protection from Abusive Passengers Act," which aims to ban airline passengers who have been fined or convicted of serious physical violence from boarding commercial flights. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will manage the no-fly list, and the ban's length will be determined based on the severity of the incident. Last year, the FAA received 2,456 reports of unruly passengers, and proposed fines totaling $8.4 million. 

The airline industry supports the government's intervention, but the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) opposes the creation of a no-fly list due to the government's questionable history of prejudice. The recent incident involving a passenger attacking an attendant with a spoon he fashioned into a makeshift knife has brought the safety of flight crew members and passengers back into focus.
US Passport Processing Times Extended Again Amid ‘Unprecedented Demand’

March 27 2023

Jamil Adams
The pandemic caused passport processing to slow down, and with the post-pandemic surge of applicants, the U.S. State Department is experiencing unprecedented demand, causing delays. Wait times for passport processing now typically take 10 to 13 weeks, and expedited processing averages seven to nine weeks. 

The demand for passports is 30 to 40 percent more than this time last year, and the backlog is becoming worse instead of better. The department has hired staff, authorized overtime, opened satellite offices, and established cores at the headquarters to assist in processing times. They have also launched a dedicated webpage to assist applicants who need their passports delivered urgently.
FAA Issues Safety Warnings to Airline Industry After Near Misses

March 24 2023

Jamil Adams
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a safety alert for airlines, pilots and flight control operations after pressure from the US government following a series of high-profile near collisions. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) reported six runway incursions since January, leading the Department of Transportation to hold a safety summit. 

The FAA spokesperson expressed concerns over the potential severity of these events and called on operators to identify hazards, improve safety communications and enact mitigations. The acting FAA Administrator Billy Nolen added that there were more near misses and near collisions at US airports than previously known. In January, FAA grounded flights across the country due to issues with the Notice to Air Missions system (NOTAM).

A Record Number of Americans Have Now Flown Commercially

March 23 2023

Jamil Adams
A record number of 158 million passengers are expected to fly commercial airlines in the US during spring, with airlines accommodating the increase by operating larger aircraft and reducing flight schedules. A survey from Airlines for America (A4A) reveals that in 2022, 44% of Americans flew commercially and 90% had taken a commercial flight in their lifetime, showing a significant increase compared to 1977. 

As air travel becomes safer and more financially accessible, an increasing number of Americans are taking to the skies, with almost nine in 10 Americans having flown commercially. However, there is a growing movement calling on consumers to consider alternative forms of transportation due to the environmental impact of air travel.
Royal Caribbean Apologizes for Excursion Pricing Glitch

March 22 2023

Jamil Adams
Royal Caribbean offered a shore excursion to a popular waterpark in the Bahamas for $64.99 due to a computer glitch, even though the actual price was $249.99. The cruise line quickly offered a full refund of $64.99 and a $50 onboard credit to passengers who purchased the excursion at the lower price. 

Royal Caribbean apologized for the system glitches and raised the price of the excursion to the correct amount of $309. Critics noted that this was not the first time the cruise line had experienced a computer glitch.

US Travel Calls Spring Break Demand 'Stress Test' for Air Travel System

March 21 2023

Jamil Adams
The U.S. Travel Association has urged the government to improve the air travel system to cope with the increasing demand for spring break travel. The association cited data from Airlines for America which predicts a 1% increase in air travel from 2019, and a recent Ipsos poll indicating that 45% of American travellers rate the air travel experience as average or below average. Additionally, 36% of leisure travellers would travel more if the experience was not so cumbersome. 

The organization called on Congress to accelerate air traffic modernization, grow the aviation workforce, modernize airport infrastructure, and expedite the airport security process using biometric data. The U.S. Travel Association believes that the federal government needs to make significant investments now to ensure future passenger satisfaction.

Flight Attendants Want to Ban Infants on Lap

March 20 2023

Jamil Adams
The Association of Flight Attendants (AFA-CWA) is calling for a ban on infants sitting on their parent's laps during flights due to safety concerns and recent incidents of turbulence. The union has previously called for this ban, but it has come to the forefront again in light of recent events. The union argues that every person should have a seat and security system, regardless of their age, and brought up the issue at the FAA safety summit held recently. 

Currently, children under the age of two can fly without a seat. Whether the ban will be implemented is up to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).
Carnival Cruise Line Becomes First to Sail 100 Million Guests

March 17 2023

Jamil Adams
Carnival Cruise Line has become the first cruise line to welcome 100 million guests since its first sailing over 50 years ago. The milestone was celebrated with the embarkation of the Clifford family from Ohio, who were recognized with fanfare by Carnival's president and the ship's team.

Carnival is continuing to grow its operations with the addition of three new ships to its fleet by the spring of next year. The cruise line is also expanding its New York offerings to year-round with the introduction of its new ship, Carnival Venezia, in May.
US Travelers' Spending Abroad Reaches All-Time High

March 16 2023

Jamil Adams
In January 2023, Americans spent a record $15.8 million on international travel-related tourism activities, surpassing any other month before the pandemic. Additionally, U.S. citizen air passenger departures to foreign countries increased by 75% compared to January 2022, while international visitors to the U.S. spent about $14.7 billion on travel and tourism-related activities in the same month, a 63.9% year-over-year change. 

However, there is still a $1.1 billion deficit between Americans' spending abroad and international visitors' spending in the U.S. Total air passenger travel for January was led by Mexico, followed by Canada and the United Kingdom. The NTTO predicts that inbound travel to the U.S. will fully recover to pre-pandemic levels in 2025 and reach 91 million international visitations by 2027.
Illegal Hikers of Hazardous Hawaii Trail Could Have To Cover Their Rescue Costs

March 15 2023

Jamil Adams
A bill in O'ahu is proposing that people who illegally hike the hazardous Haiku Stairs trail, also known as the 'Stairway to Heaven', and require rescue should have to pay for their own rescue. Between 2010 and 2022, over 188 hikers required rescuing from the stairs, and taxpayers are currently covering the costs. 

The bill would enable the government to seek reimbursement for search or rescue expenses. Many people ignore the warning signs and trample through residential properties to reach the trailhead, with the spectacular view from 2,800 feet up making the Haiku Stairs popular among social media users.

Royal Caribbean Launches Program for Artists From Cruise Destinations

March 14 2023

Jamil Adams
Royal Caribbean International has launched a new program called the Artist Discovery Program, designed to find up-and-coming artists from destinations the cruise line visits to add culture and spirit to Icon of the Seas. 

The program will start in the Caribbean, where local artists can send their submissions through April 4, and the first group of artists will be commissioned to paint nine large-scale murals in three highly visible locations. Every artist will receive a grant from the cruise line, ranging from $20,000 to more than $100,000. The winners will work with the Newbuilding team behind Royal Caribbean's renowned ships to bring their concepts to life in Turku, Finland, where Icon is under construction.
FAA Not Responsible for Airplane Seat Size

March 13 2023

Jamil Adams
A federal appeals court in Washington D.C. ruled that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is not responsible for setting minimum seat size or distance between rows on airplanes. The ruling came in response to a lawsuit by Flyers Rights, an advocacy group that believed the FAA was responsible for setting such standards. 

The court ruled that seat-size regulations are not necessary for the safety of passengers, unless seats are dangerously small. Flyers Rights president Paul Hudson disagreed with the ruling, arguing that minimum seat standards are needed for passenger health, crash safety, and personal privacy.
Sickness Strikes 300 Cruise Passengers and Crew at Sea

March 10 2023

Jamil Adams
The focus on COVID-19 has led to the neglect of other diseases that can afflict leisure travelers and crews at sea. A gastrointestinal illness recently affected more than 300 passengers and crew on board the Ruby Princess during a Western Caribbean voyage. 

The CDC sent a team to investigate, and Princess Cruises speculated that norovirus was the culprit. This outbreak is the fourth of its kind on a cruise ship this year, but outbreaks of GI infections have been less frequent than pre-pandemic times due to intensified sanitation and prevention protocols.
TSA Issues New Cybersecurity Requirements for Airport & Aircraft Operators

March 9 2023

Jamil Adams
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has issued a new cybersecurity amendment on an emergency basis requiring TSA-regulated entities to develop cybersecurity resilience implementation plans to strengthen security for airport and aircraft operators. The regulations require the entities to develop network segmentation policies, access control measures, continuous monitoring and detection policies and procedures, and reduce the risk of exploitation of unpatched systems. 

The amendment follows the National Cybersecurity Strategy launched by the Biden-Harris Administration on March 2, which focuses on strengthening at-risk cybersecurity measures among critical infrastructure. TSA Administrator David Pekoske emphasized the agency's priority of protecting the nation's transportation system and working closely with industry stakeholders to reduce cybersecurity risks and improve cyber resilience.
US Travel Identifies Travel Pain Points and Opportunities to Improve Experiences

March 8 2023

Jamil Adams
The U.S. Travel Association and Ipsos have launched a quarterly consumer survey that identifies consumer behaviors and risks while highlighting opportunities for the travel industry. The study found that 79% of leisure travelers and 80% of business travelers plan to travel in the next six months, while 33% of leisure travelers and 75% of business travelers plan to travel more in 2023 than in 2022.

However, 36% of Americans said they would travel more if the experience were manageable, and 45% rated air travel as subpar due to issues such as delays and cancellations. Additionally, 82% of respondents work remotely at least some of the time, with 39% of business travelers encouraged to travel to meet with their managers in person.

With Profit Elusive, Cruise Lines Are Trimming Services, Raising Package Prices

March 7 2023

Jamil Adams
Cruise lines are struggling to make a profit despite high demand due to soaring costs for fuel, labor, food, and interest. Norwegian Cruise Line recently fell short of profit estimates, causing a 10% drop in stock price. To reduce costs and maximize revenue, cruise lines are cutting some services and raising prices for optional items like drink packages, specialty restaurants, and service fees. 

Guests are experiencing sticker shock with price hikes for optional add-ons, and some are critical of the reduction in services. Cruise lines are trying to balance customer expectations and what they are willing to pay while maintaining profitability.

Major Travel Companies Continue Failing Animals

March 6 2023

Jamil Adams
A new report from World Animal Protection US shows that Groupon and Klook Travel are the worst offenders in the travel industry when it comes to selling and promoting harmful and exploitative animal experiences. The report evaluates the top booking platforms and tour operators, assigning scores based on whether companies have policies against working with captive wildlife venues and whether they continue to sell and promote harmful and exploitative animal experiences. 

Companies such as The Travel Corporation, Airbnb, Expedia,, TripAdvisor/Viator, GetYourGuide, and Klook Travel were ranked, with the best-ranked companies earning scores close to 100%, while the worst offenders scored in the single digits. The report reveals that some of the most well-known names in the travel industry continue to profit from exploitative wildlife experiences that subject animals to a life of captivity and often cruel and inhumane treatment. The report was commissioned by WAP and conducted by the University of Surrey.
Black Advisor Group Seeks to Address Travel Leadership Void

March 3 2023

Jamil Adams
Veranda Adkins and Shawnta Harrison founded the Association of Black Travel Professionals (ABTP) in response to the lack of experienced mentors who looked like them in the leisure travel industry. Despite Black travelers' growing purchasing power, people of color remain under-represented in leadership positions in travel supplier and agency networks. ABTP provides training, networking opportunities, and advocacy for equal opportunities to "raise the profile and talent base within the Black travel community" and lobbies travel companies to speak directly to a more diverse clientele. 

The group has partnerships with leading cruise lines, resort companies, airlines, and destinations and hosts seminars and workshops throughout the year. ABTP's Annual Travel Conference and Tradeshow is scheduled for November 30 to December 3, 2023, in Las Vegas.

Taiwan Is Paying Travelers to Visit This Year

March 2 2023

Jamil Adams
Taiwan is offering cash rewards of up to $658 to tour groups and $165 to individual tourists who visit the country this year, in an effort to reach its goal of welcoming six million travelers in 2023. The rewards will be delivered digitally and can be used by tourists on anything in Taiwan, including their accommodation. 

The country’s Premier Chen Chien-jen also announced that the goal of six million travelers in 2023 will rise to 10 million by 2025. The Taiwan Tourism Bureau’s inbound visitor numbers took a big hit during the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the country welcoming only 900,000 travelers in 2021.

Delta Opening the Only Lounge at Newly Transformed Kansas City Airport

March 1 2023

Jamil Adams
The new $1.5 billion terminal at Kansas City International Airport has opened, and the first Delta Sky Club lounge in the new terminal will debut on February 28. 

The new terminal features a state-of-the-art lobby, an enlarged security checkpoint, local concession options, and gates equipped with the most up-to-date technology. The Kansas City Club is the second lounge opening in the Midwest, with plans for several more in 2023.

Buy Anywhere, Be Serviced Anywhere' – The Revolution in Air Travel Distribution

Feb 28 2023

Jamil Adams
Airline travel distribution is undergoing a revolution, with the emergence of many platforms for planning and booking flights, including options like seat choice and baggage check. To address this, omnichannel retailing solutions can provide a personalized experience that connects airlines, travel agencies, and travelers, leading to improved customer retention and satisfaction. Direct connect and New Distribution Capability (NDC) are changing the landscape, with direct connect enabling airlines to compile and distribute information themselves, while NDC offers enhanced customer experience through direct connect. Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) provides solutions to help make customer insight and a better experience possible. 

The focus is on data, with ARC handling millions of airline tickets and working with advisors and airlines to optimize all the connections. The goal is a better customer experience through optimizing omnichannel distribution, reducing any friction in buying and selling airline tickets.

Gen Z in Travel: How to Plan Travel for the Youngest Generation

Feb 27 2023

Jamil Adams
Generation Z, the newest generation of travelers, differs from Millennials in its travel approach. Gen Z travelers tend to make more spontaneous bookings, seek more adventurous destinations, and are curious to experience cultural immersion. 

They also rely heavily on social media for inspiration, have it ingrained into their everyday lives and travel behaviors, and are influenced by travel influencers, with TikTok and Instagram being popular platforms. While they may know what they want, they are willing to seek advice from friends and family. Travel advisors should seek to educate them about destinations and properties and help them get the most value for their money.
Old Cruise Ships to Find New Life as Floating Residences for World Cruise

Feb 24 2023

Jamil Adams
Former Holland America ships, Veendam and Ryndam, will be transformed into residences and operate on an around-the-world trip with Victoria Cruise Line. Renamed Victory Majestic and Victory Amazing, the ships will visit over 500 ports on a journey lasting over two years.

The cruise will cost a minimum of $6,399 for a 6-11 month lease, offering an affordable alternative to owning a houseboat. Victoria Cruise Line CEO, Olavs Zvinelis, believes that the houseboat lifestyle will offer more than a traditional cruise. The voyage departs in May from Port Everglades.
Man Tries To Carry Loaded Assault Rifle Onboard Plane From New Orleans

Feb 23 2023

Jamil Adams
A man was caught trying to pass through a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport with a loaded Palmetto PA-15 Multi AR firearm and 163 rounds of ammunition in his carry-on bag. He now faces a federal civil penalty of up to $15,000. 

The TSA has been seeing a rise in incidents of passengers trying to sneak guns of all sorts through airport checkpoints, and as of February 9, TSA officers had sniffed out more than 700 firearms at airport security checkpoints nationwide, 92% of which were loaded. The TSA has raised the penalty amount for travelers attempting to take guns or gun parts through checkpoints to just shy of $15,000.

American Cruise Lines Announces Brand New Antiques Cruise

Feb 22 2023

Jamil Adams
American Cruise Lines has announced that it will offer a special antiques cruise for guests aboard the brand-new American Serenade. On May 2, guests will have the opportunity to attend a taping of ANTIQUES ROADSHOW when the riverboat stops in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The eight-day cruise will depart from Memphis, Tennessee on April 27 and finish up in New Orleans. 

Guests will receive VIP access to the ANTIQUES ROADSHOW event and can bring up to 2 items that can be appraised during the production event. The cruise also offers complimentary domestic airfare and a complimentary pre-cruise hotel stay in Memphis. American Cruise Lines has five new riverboats operating more than 11 itineraries on the Mississippi River from February through December 2023.

Spring Break Travel Demand Is Surging Despite Soaring Prices

Feb 21 2023

Jamil Adams
Americans are eager to travel this spring break season, with 60% of travelers expected to spend at least $500 on their trips, according to a new report from comparison and booking app Hopper. Despite concerns about economic inflation, demand for spring break travel remains strong, with a 25% increase in demand for trips to tropical islands in the Caribbean and beachfront destinations in Mexico and Central America. However, 82% of travelers have not yet booked their trips, so they will need to act fast to find good deals. 

Domestic destinations such as Las Vegas, Orlando, and Phoenix are the most popular, while international destinations include Cancun and San Juan. Airfare prices are up 20% compared to last year, while hotel stays are up 64% over last year.

White House Opposes Efforts to End Vaccination Requirements for Foreign Visitors

Feb 20 2023

Jamil Adams
The US House of Representatives has voted in favor of a bill that would eliminate the COVID-19 vaccination requirement for foreign visitors traveling to the US by air. The bill would also prevent the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from mandating that visitors show proof of vaccination. 

The US Travel Association has welcomed the move, but the Biden administration is reportedly not ready to eliminate the requirement. The administration has said the vaccination requirement has reduced the spread of COVID-19 and the burdens it places on the US healthcare system.

Biden Administration To Reportedly Block Spirit Airlines, JetBlue Merger

Feb 17 2023

Jamil Adams
The proposed $3.8 billion merger of Spirit Airlines and JetBlue may be in trouble as the US Department of Justice (DOJ) is likely to file a lawsuit against the move. The two carriers agreed to form the nation's fifth-largest airline last summer.

 While there are competing opinions in the DOJ’s antitrust division on whether to bring a case, the deal is further complicated by an ongoing lawsuit against JetBlue's Northeast Alliance deal with American Airlines. It's not clear whether blocking the merger would put Spirit back on the market or if the ultra-low-cost carrier would accept a lower bid to join Frontier as originally planned.
New Study Highlights Trends for Tour Travel in 2023

Feb 16 2023

Jamil Adams
A recent survey by the Globus family of brands highlighted that Italy is the most anticipated destination among tour travelers in 2023, followed by Greece, Turkey, France, England, Ireland, and Scotland. 

The survey also revealed that 44% of travelers are interested in getting off the beaten path, and 26% want to enjoy active excursions on holiday. The study showed that 73% of respondents consider their partner the best travel partner, while 30% are interested in traveling with friends or family members. The company has waived the single supplement on 15 tours globally and plans to expand its solo travel offerings for Cosmos.

How Travel Advisors Can Capitalize on the Latest Travel Trends

Feb 15 2023

Jamil Adams
Staying on top of travel trends is important for travel advisors to provide clients with the best vacation experiences. Popular travel trends for 2023 include European travel, multi-generational travel, vacations inspired by TV shows, transformational experiences, and cultural enrichment.

Travel advisors need to be aware of these trends and work to build knowledge and establish supplier relationships to offer customized vacation experiences. Clients are also prioritizing travel more, and advisors need to guide them in the right direction to make the most of their travel opportunities. Happy customers result in repeat business for travel advisors.

International Tourist Spending in the US Hit $16.5 Billion in December

Feb 14 2023

Jamil Adams
International visitors to the United States spent a record $16.5 billion in December 2022, the highest level of spending since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. The amount represents a 49% increase over December 2021, and for the whole of 2022, international visitors spent about $162 billion on travel and tourism-related expenses.

 The US also ended December with a travel surplus of $932 million. The U.S. National Travel and Tourism Office (NTTO) released the data as part of a broader report, which revealed that purchases of travel and tourism-related goods and services by international visitors in the US amounted to $9.1 billion in December, and fares received by U.S. carriers from international visitors totaled $3.2 billion.

PONANT Launches Travel Advisor Booking Bonus for February

Feb 13 2023

Jamil Adams
PONANT is offering a booking bonus for travel advisors who make new bookings in February, with bonuses ranging from $300 to $500 in Amazon eCards. The offer applies to sailings up to seven nights long with a $300 bonus and eight nights or more with a $500 bonus. 

The bookings must be deposited by February 28, 2023, and the eCards will be gifted 31 days after deposit. The bonus for single occupancy bookings will be halved. PONANT is expanding its lineup of expeditions in 2023 and 2024, with destinations ranging from Japan to Central America and a special itinerary in Indonesia and Australia to view the Solar Eclipse.

Another Near-Collision Between Two Aircraft Occurs

Feb 9 2023

Jamil Adams
A near collision occurred at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport between a Southwest Airlines passenger plane and a FedEx cargo plane. The air traffic controller cleared the Southwest plane for departure on the same runway as the FedEx plane was landing. 

The FedEx plane discontinued the landing and climbed out, while the Southwest flight took off 15 minutes later and arrived early at its destination. The incident is being investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board. The cause of the incident is not clear and both airlines are referring questions to federal officials. This is one of several recent close calls at US airfields.

Hertz and Delta Air Lines Enhance Partnership Benefits

Feb 8 2023

Jamil Adams
Delta Air Lines has enhanced its SkyMiles rewards program in partnership with Hertz car rental company. SkyMiles members will now have the opportunity to earn extra miles based on their Delta status, with Diamond Medallion members earning 8 miles per $1 spent, Platinum Medallion 7 miles per $1, Gold Medallion 6 miles per $1, Silver Medallion 5 miles per $1, and SkyMiles members 4 miles per $1. SkyMiles Medallion members will also receive elite status with Hertz Gold Plus Rewards, including President's Circle and Five Star status. 

SkyMiles members will also earn miles with Thrifty and Dollar at 4 miles per $1. The partnership aims to bring value to air and car rental customers while providing an exceptional travel experience.

President Biden Highlights Efforts to Eliminate Travel-Related Fees

Feb 7 2023

Jamil Adams
President Biden is taking steps to reduce fees and increase transparency in the American economy, as part of his administration's agenda to promote competition. The Department of Transportation has introduced new rules requiring airlines and booking services to show the full price of plane tickets up front, including baggage fees. 

Biden is working to ban airlines from charging fees for family members to sit with children and eliminate resort and destination fees. He is also urging Congress to ban surprise fees, which affect over 33% of hotel guests, and cracking down on excessive fees for entertainment events. Two actions already taken by Biden are a proposed rule from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau to reduce excessive credit card late fees and an assessment by the Department of Commerce of barriers to competition in mobile app stores.

Advisors Optimistic for Future of the Travel Industry

Feb 6 2023

Jamil Adams
This survey by host agency Travel Experts found that all of the advisors surveyed are very optimistic about the future of the industry, with 95% acknowledging that the travel industry has changed significantly. 

The majority of advisors specialize in luxury travel, while only 50% limit the number of suppliers they use. 85% of respondents are now charging fees, while the support staff at Travel Experts and their 100% commissions paid were cited as two of the leading reasons for the positive reports. These findings show a highly experienced group of agents who are looking to the future with optimism.
US Justice Department Files Appeal to Overturn Federal Mask Mandate Ruling

June 6 2022

Jamil Adams
The United States Justice Department has filed a federal appeal to overturn a district court judge's decision earlier this year that deemed the mask mandate on all forms of public transportation unlawful.

In April, U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball ruled that the CDC's latest extension of the mandatory mask order was unlawful.

As a result, President Joe Biden and his administration said they would no longer enforce the coronavirus-related restriction.

"After the federal mask mandate was lifted, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said the rate of unruly air passenger incidents fell to its lowest level since late 2020, a welcomed change for airport and airline officials worried about growing violence.

Charleston to End Departure Deal With Carnival in 2024

June 3 2022

Jamil Adams
The South Carolina Ports Authority has decided to end its deal with Carnival Cruise Line in 2024, meaning CCL ships will no longer use Charleston, S.C. as a point of departure for a cruise.

Carnival had used the port at Union Pier Terminal for cruise departures and arrivals; after 2024, cruise ships can still dock there but only for a same-day port of call to the picturesque southern city.

The steps being taken by Charleston are similar to what happened in Key West, Florida, in 2020, when voters decided to severely limit the number of cruise ships that docked in Key West, as well as the capacity of those ships.

The South Carolina Ports Authority said it will limit cruise ship visits to same-day, to no more than 104 visits per year, and no ships can carry more than 3,500 passengers.

Airline Official Explains Recent Travel Chaos at Airports

June 2 2022

Jamil Adams
Officials from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) said the recent travel chaos at airports around the world as summer travel begins was a result of temporary delays in getting clearances for new staff and pilot shortages.

According to, IATA director general Willie Walsh said that the normal time period to get security badges for newly hired staff was around three-to-four weeks, but the process was now taking up to three months in some areas, including the United Kingdom.

"While easing of travel restrictions and a boom in demand have helped the aviation industry bounce back, Walsh also warned of potential long- and short-term issues related to growing pilot shortages in the United States.

Americans Care More About Travel Companions Than Their Destination

June 1 2022

Jamil Adams
The results of new research by the University of Florida's Agency at UF, conducted in partnership with Carnival Cruise Line, revealed that travelers are prioritizing WHO they're vacationing with, rather than WHERE they're actually headed.

The research said that Americans are now desperate for an "awaycation", which essentially refers to getting away to just about anywhere, as long as it's outside of their home.

"In the social listening study that examined 21.3 million online uses of key travel terms, roughly one in every five mentions of a summer vacation included references to doing everything together and focused on spending quality time with loved ones, whether that's someone's partner, family members or friends.

Americans' ideal destination for summer travel can now best be summed up as 'anywhere and everywhere' with few expressing enthusiasm for specific locations, and instead committing to bringing besties, significant others and family along to... wherever.

Carnival Reportedly In Talks To Sell Seabourn

May 31 2022

Jamil Adams
According to a report on CNBC, Carnival is in talks to sell the luxury cruise line to the Saudi sovereign wealth fund.

The deal would give Saudis a larger share of the cruise industry and boost Carnival's capital after shares in the cruise company lost 40 percent during the last three months.

Seabourn began cruising in 1988 and currently operates six ships sailing in destinations around the world, including the Middle East.

The Saudi sovereign wealth fund, known as the Public Investment Fund, already owns a 5.1 percent stake in Carnival, which it purchased during the peak of the 2020 pandemic.

CDC Warns Travelers About Monkeypox Outbreak

May 30 2022

Jamil Adams
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning travelers to North America, Europe and Australia to take the proper precautions against Monkeypox – although the agency tempered its advisory by issuing only a 'Level 2' health notice and saying that the risk of the general public contracting the virus is low.

The CDC's Level 4 advisory, or 'do not travel,' is its highest warning.

It's been around for decades and usually originates in Africa, but generally in small numbers.
It is not considered as transmissible as the COVID-19 virus that has resulted in a global pandemic for more than two years.

US Travel Urges Action on Congressional Bills for Industry Recovery

May 27 2022

Jamil Adams
The U.S. Travel Association is pushing for the passage of congressional bills that would aid the recovery of the travel industry, which has been negatively affected by the pandemic.

U.S. Travel Association Executive Vice President of Public Affairs and Policy Tori Emerson Barnes testified today before the U.S. House Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Commerce of the Committee on Energy and Commerce in support of the Visit America Act (H.R. 6965) and the Travel and Tourism Act (H.R. 7820).In her testimony, Barnes pressed for passage of both bills, noting that they are critical to the ensure the long-term competitiveness of the U.S. in the global travel market.

The Visit America Act would establish an Assistant Secretary for Travel and Tourism position at the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Barnes additionally pushed for the inclusion of two provisions in the Visit America Act to also be included in the Travel and Tourism Act.

CDC Adds Bahamas, Four Other Destinations To ‘High’ Risk Travel Category

May 26 2022

Jamil Adams
On Monday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) added five world countries to its 'Level 3: High' COVID-19 risk category warning list for travelers.

Among them are a few perennially popular destinations for American tourists, such as The Bahamas, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Montserrat in the Caribbean, as well as the Central American nation of Belize and the southern African nation of Eswatini.

Over the past four weeks, the CDC travel advisory level lists have been largely free of such dramatic shifts as were seen this past winter and in early spring, when the Omicron variant first was spreading swiftly around the globe.

As of Monday, May 23, around 115 of the world's nations were included under the 'Level 3: High' warning column (nearly half of the approximately 235 destinations that the CDC monitors).

CDC Updates US Travel Guidance with New Recommendations

May 25 2022

Jamil Adams
According to, the CDC announced domestic travelers should "consider getting tested as close to the time of departure as possible," regardless of vaccination status.

The government agency said the testing should occur no more than three days before the trip.
Previously, the CDC recommended that only unvaccinated Americans get tested before traveling within the United States.

Now, the agency has updated the recommendations, but stopped short of issuing a mandate.
Earlier this month, the CDC announced that people traveling on public forms of transportation should still be wearing a mask for protection against coronavirus.

Carnival Cruise Line to Bring Back Weddings, Vow Renewals at Sea

May 24 2022

Jamil Adams
Carnival Cruise Line announced it would once again offer weddings and vow renewals for the first time since the company paused operations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting in September on every ship sailing from the United States, Carnival is now taking reservations for weddings and vow renewals, with passengers having a wide variety of options to create an unforgettable ceremony.

Passengers can even host a wedding or renew vowels at select ports of call.
Carnival celebrated its return to guest operations in Norfolk, Virginia, as Carnival Magic became the first ship to set sail from the city's Half Moone Cruise Center since 2019.

COVID-19 No Longer the Biggest Concern for Many Travelers

May 23 2022

Jamil Adams
According to the study, one-third of travelers said that gas prices will greatly affect their travel plans over the next six months, while one-quarter reported that the soaring price of plane tickets will impact them in a similar way.

Only 19 percent of respondents said the COVID-19 pandemic now stands to greatly influence their travel decisions for the same timeframe.

"Nine out of ten U.S. travelers now report that they're planning on taking trips within the next six months, representing a complete rebound to trip-planning recorded prior to the start of the pandemic.

Travel Industry Expected to Make Full Recovery by 2025

May 20 2022

Jamil Adams
The study found that international departures will reach 68 percent of their pre-COVID-19 levels globally in 2022 and are expected to improve to 82 percent in 2023 and 97 percent in 2024.

By 2025, travel is expected to reach 101 percent of 2019 levels with international departures projected to reach 1.5 billion.

In 2022, outbound departures from North America are projected to reach 69 percent of 2019 levels, before making a full recovery by 2024, at 102 percent of 2019 levels, ahead of other regions.

By 2025, international departures are projected to be 98 percent of 2019 levels.
However, Russia was the world's fifth largest outbound travel market in 2019, while Ukraine was the 12th.

"It is projected that the Asia-Pacific region will lag behind Europe and North America.

It's expected that outbound departures from the region will only reach 67 percent of 2019 levels in 2022 due to slower removal of travel restrictions in the region, especially in China, which was the region's largest outbound travel market.

Travelers Choosing To Prioritize Travel Insurance

May 19 2022

Jamil Adams
Allianz's research also found that most customers plan to travel in the near future with summer trips planned across the U.S. as well as to destinations in Europe and the Caribbean, among others.

Six in 10 respondents say they will travel in the next one to four months and 21 percent plan to take a trip in the next month.

Survey respondents cited "another COVID spike causing travel issues or delays" (37 percent) and "testing positive for COVID before or during my trip" (24 percent) as their greatest worries ahead of "more expensive food and entertainment" (7 percent) and "higher fuel prices" (6 percent).When it comes to the various modes of summer travel, air travel dominates (61 percent), edging out cruising (18 percent) and road trips (11 percent).

As for the activities they'll be participating in, many (44 percent) plan to go to the theater or attend a show while nearly one in five has circled a concert or music festival (19 percent).

TSA Will Add Screeners for Expected Summer Travel Boom

May 18 2022

Jamil Adams
The FAA last week said it would add more air traffic controllers to Florida airports to help alleviate backups, mostly caused by bad weather, that led to severe delays and cancellations this spring.

According to a story by the Associated Press, TSA Administrator David Pekoske is prepared to send almost 1,000 screeners from his agency who have volunteered to relocate to other airports deemed to be the busiest in the country.

"The TSA currently has a little more than 47,000 screeners.

Airlines believe they will average 2.5 million customers per day going through airports when the traditional summer travel season kicks off on Memorial Day weekend.

International Travel Is Making a Major Comeback

May 17 2022

Jamil Adams
According to the Spring 2022 edition of Global Rescue's 'Traveler Safety and Sentiment Survey', many of the world's most seasoned travelers are returning to international trip-taking now right, despite the fact that there's the war being waged in Eastern Europe and there's still a risk that new COVID-19 variants of concern will emerge.

The vast majority of international travelers surveyed (84 percent) said that they're "less" or "much less" concerned about the safety of traveling today than they were at the start of the pandemic.
Over three-quarters (78 percent) of participants polled said that the threat of a new COVID-19 variant is "not likely" or "not at all likely" to prompt them to cancel or postpone their international travel plans this year.

Experts are anticipating that international travel in 2022 will finally meet, and possibly surpass, pre-pandemic levels.

Carnival Breaks Ground on Grand Bahama Island Cruise Port

May 16 2022

Jamil Adams
A groundbreaking ceremony took place on May 12 for a new cruise port on Grand Bahama Island, which is being developed in partnership with Carnival Cruise Line, the Grand Bahama Port Authority and the Government of the Bahamas.

"With the start of this Carnival project, Grand Bahama is now on the better side of reaching its true economic potential," said Prime Minister of The Bahamas Philip Davis.

"This investment will provide much needed jobs but will also signal new hope for the island's recovery.

"The Carnival Grand Bahama cruise port destination is slated to debut in late 2024 on the south side of the island and is being designed to offer visitors a considerable number of features and amenities.

Data Shows How Travel Builds Relationships and Community

May 13 2022

Jamil Adams
Seventy-seven percent of Americans said that they have made lifelong friendships when traveling.

In fact, 23 percent indicated that they met their spouse on a trip, and 33 percent reported a "vacation romance," while 25 percent have made a best friend on the road.

Some didn't even need to make it to their destination to find romance—three in 10 said that they have dated someone they met on a plane.

A vast majority of respondents believe travel can strengthen existing bonds (71 percent).
Survey data showed that the most popular ways to foster new connections is by participating in activities (31 percent), taking group tours or attending hotel events (28 percent) and engagement in sports, active hobbies, and other physical activities (27 percent).

Twenty-six percent said that just time at a bar or restaurant presents the opportunity to meet someone new.

So, it's important to participate in activities that allow one to meet new people while traveling.

Changing COVID-19 Policies Highlight Need for Travel Insurance

May 12 2022

Jamil Adams
It is becoming even more important to purchase travel insurance for upcoming trips.
On May 31, Airbnb will end its COVID-19 refund policy.

In fact, according to travel insurance aggregator,, 42 percent of travelers searching for policies are specifically looking for coverage protecting them if they contract COVID-19.International travel could impact travelers the most just as vacations abroad are reaching an all-time post-pandemic high.

Squaremouth points out that, while travel companies such as hotels and airlines are eliminating COVID-19 as a reason to cancel for a refund, a majority of travel insurance companies still offer policies that address the issues of contracting COVID and provide coverage in case there is a need for quarantine.

CDC Updates COVID-19 Program for Cruise Ships

May 11 2022

Jamil Adams
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued updates to its ongoing health and safety program for cruise ships operating in U.S. waters on Thursday.

The agency announced that it will reduce the percentage threshold requirement for determining "highly vaccinated voyages" from 95 percent to 90 percent of eligible passengers or those aged five and older.

However, the crew vaccination percentage must remain at 95 percent or greater to be considered a highly vaccinated voyage.

Additionally, the CDC revealed that isolation rooms no longer need to have negative pressure.

Greener, Responsible Journeys Are a Trend and Challenge for Travelers

May 10 2022

Jamil Adams
According to Allianz Partners' virtual Global Travel Summit, travelers are looking to become more responsible environmentally and socially as travel continues to recover from the pandemic.

The data found over seven in ten travelers in Great Britain, the USA and Germany desire greater sustainability filtering features on travel sites to help them make the best choices.

While 59 percent of travelers aged 26-40 are making the decision to take their trip's environmental impact into consideration when they plan, 55 percent of the same generation intend to travel less to reduce their impact.

A reduction in business travel can also correlate with the desire by companies and travelers to reduce their environmental impact.

Carnival Cruise Line Becomes First in US To Restart Entire Fleet

May 9 2022

Jamil Adams
Carnival Cruise Line has become the first U.S. cruise line to restart its entire fleet of ships since the COVID-19 pandemic following the departure of Carnival Splendor from the Port of Seattle on Monday.

Carnival Splendor is the 23 and final Carnival cruise ship to welcome guests back on board after the cruise line's resumption of sailings from the U.S. last summer.

What's more, Carnival Splendor's summer itineraries to Alaska are part of the largest-ever cruise program Carnival has sailed to Alaska.

Carnival Spirit and Carnival Miracle are also sailing to Alaska from Seattle and San Francisco, respectively.

Summer Bookings Won’t Be a Problem for Airlines; Rebooking Will

May 6 2022

Jamil Adams
Airlines are already short-staffed to the point where they are offering bonuses and incentives to cabin crew to work all their scheduled shifts and even pick up some extra duties.

In addition, carriers are also suffering from a pilot shortage to the point where Southwest Airlines' union says it pilots are suffering from fatigue due to haphazard scheduling.

They've even cut back on their schedules for the spring and summer.

As CNBC pointed out, airlines will have little to no wiggle room if flights are delayed or canceled by weather or maintenance issues.

Mask is still recommended for Travelers on Public Transportation - CDC

May 5 2022

Jamil Adams
For the first time in its 50-year history, Carnival Cruise Line set sail from San Francisco on Thursday with the 2,124-passenger Carnival Miracle.

The sailings from San Francisco expand Carnival's West Coast service offerings and strengthen its position as the cruise line embarking more guests than any other operator from California.

Four- and five-day Baja Mexico cruises will also be offered, culminating with a 15-day Carnival Journeys cruise to Hawaii on September 15."Carnival Miracle will set sail on 19 voyages from the Port of San Francisco drawing thousands of passengers and crew to our city helping to drive the economic recovery of the waterfront," Port of San Francisco Executive Director Elaine Forbes said.

The new San Francisco homeport expands the cruise line's presence in California, with Carnival Radiance and Carnival Panorama currently operating year-round from Long Beach and offering a range of itineraries to the Mexican Riviera.

Carnival has also expanded its West Coast presence with its largest Alaska deployment in history, as three ships will make 49 departures this season from San Francisco and Seattle to bucket-list destinations.

Carnival Cruise Line Sets Sail From San Francisco for First Time

May 4 2022

Jamil Adams
For the first time in its 50-year history, Carnival Cruise Line set sail from San Francisco on Thursday with the 2,124-passenger Carnival Miracle.

The sailings from San Francisco expand Carnival's West Coast service offerings and strengthen its position as the cruise line embarking more guests than any other operator from California.

Four- and five-day Baja Mexico cruises will also be offered, culminating with a 15-day Carnival Journeys cruise to Hawaii on September 15."Carnival Miracle will set sail on 19 voyages from the Port of San Francisco drawing thousands of passengers and crew to our city helping to drive the economic recovery of the waterfront," Port of San Francisco Executive Director Elaine Forbes said.

The new San Francisco homeport expands the cruise line's presence in California, with Carnival Radiance and Carnival Panorama currently operating year-round from Long Beach and offering a range of itineraries to the Mexican Riviera.

Carnival has also expanded its West Coast presence with its largest Alaska deployment in history, as three ships will make 49 departures this season from San Francisco and Seattle to bucket-list destinations.

Expert Tips for Traveling With Children

May 3 2022

Jamil Adams
In order to make family travel a piece of cake rather than a stressful experience, here are a few tips for making it seamless.

The biggest goal is to avoid the dreaded "are we there yet," and one of the best ways for families to survive getting to their vacation destination is to set expectations for travel with kids in advance.

Start talking about the journey to your destination early, and let kids know about long flights, layovers, where and when they are going to eat and play and the rules on the airplane and at the hotel, and be sure to address any questions they have in advance.
Letting kids know what to expect on the journey provides both parents and kids with a sense of control over the experience.

Make sure you have some snacks for the road and having a game plan for keeping kids busy while on the road.
All-Inclusive Resorts Booming 

May 2 2022

Jamil Adams
Data from Wyndham Hotels & Resorts shows that 75 percent of travelers believe the best way to travel is to book an all-inclusive trip and 77 percent think an all-inclusive vacation is the least stressful way to travel.

Working from home has changed the way people travel, as 65 percent of respondents plan to take a working vacation in 2022, with all inclusive resorts being the most desired destinations.
"Another 62 percent of travelers said the beach is their top destination this year, with three in five agreeing that Mexico is a top choice for vacation.

"Weddings have also become a major part of the all-inclusive resorts' offerings.
Brides haven't been able to plan their weddings in the U.S. given the restrictions so they have opted to choose destinations like Mexico and the Caribbean.

International Travel in 2022 To Surpass Pre-Pandemic Levels

April 29 2022

Jamil Adams
The results revealed that a whopping 96 percent of participants are planning to travel overseas in 2022, representing an 11 percent increase over pre-pandemic levels for international travel.
"The 2022 Travel Outlook Survey's key findings include: Travelers feel more comfortable about going abroad this year than they did in 2021.

38 percent of survey participants said they plan to travel internationally three or more times before 2022 is over, representing a 141 percent increase over 2021.

Among those staying stateside, 52 percent plan on traveling domestically three or more times before the year is out, an 18 percent increase as compared to 2021.While they generally feel more confident about traveling abroad this year, travelers are also keener to protect themselves and their trip investments by purchasing travel protection plans and/or travel medical insurance.

53 percent of respondents said they're more likely to buy a trip protection plan and/or travel medical insurance policy because of the continued impacts and uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

Google Search tells us a good Data About Summer Travel

April 28 2022

Jamil Adams
New search engine data from Google's parent company Alphabet indicate people are getting ready for a summer travel boom.

According to Yahoo Finance, Alphabet officials said during an earnings call that search queries on Google for beaches and islands jumped 27 percent in the first quarter compared to the same period in 2019. 

The study also found that searches for passports online jumped 80 percent, inquiries for travel insurance doubled and vacation rental queries spiked 37 percent, all compared to pre-pandemic totals.

Last week, a Summer Travel Survey from Vacasa revealed that 63 percent of Americans are planning to travel this summer and 85 percent of those summer travelers say they are planning to vacation more than they did last year.

There are still some barriers to travel, as one in four Americans is pressing pause on travel until gas prices are lower and 20 percent are still not traveling because of COVID-19 safety issues.
Data from Allianz Partners found that travel to Europe from the U.S. might soar as much as 600 percent from last year.

US Air Companies Return to Profitability

April 27 2022

Jamil Adams
Several major airlines in the United States announced revenue is expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels as travel demand continues to surge.

According to, Alaska Air Group Inc., American Airlines Group and United Airlines revealed that positive projections should lead to the companies being profitable in the quarter through June.

Demand may be booming, but airlines have been contending with soaring fuel costs, which have more than doubled in the past year.
The companies are passing off the cost to customers, with fares climbing more than 50 percent year-on-year.

Earlier this week, American Airlines reported its first-quarter results, revealing revenue of $8.9 billion or 84 percent of comparable period revenue in the pre-pandemic year of 2019.

A Major Increase in International Travel as per world travel and tourism council

April 26 2022

Jamil Adams
Several major airlines in the United States announced revenue is expected to surpass pre-pandemic levels as travel demand continues to surge.

According to, Alaska Air Group Inc., American Airlines Group and United Airlines revealed that positive projections should lead to the companies being profitable in the quarter through June.

Demand may be booming, but airlines have been contending with soaring fuel costs, which have more than doubled in the past year.

The companies are passing off the cost to customers, with fares climbing more than 50 percent year-on-year.

Carnival Reduces Food Waste With Fleetwide Bio-Digesters

April 25 2022

Jamil Adams
Highlighting its environmental efforts on Earth Day, Carnival Cruise Line said it is the first major cruise line to employ bio-digesters across its entire operation, with the intention of lawfully discharging only processed food waste.

Carnival installed more than 200 bio-digesters so 22 Carnival ships now have them and Carnival Splendor will be the 23rd and final ship to get one after its restart on May 2. A bio-digester is an enclosed container converting food waste into liquid at an accelerated rate – breaking down 99 percent of the food put into it, with only a fine, silt-like material remaining.

On Mardi Gras alone, 14 digesters can process about 142,000 pounds of food waste each week.

Renovare Environmental estimates as much as 94 million pounds will be digested across the entire Carnival fleet by the end of the year.

Without bio-digesters, millions of pounds of unprocessed food waste would otherwise be lawfully discharged into the ocean as allowed by maritime law.

How Inflation Is Impacting US Travel Industry

April 22 2022

Jamil Adams
New data showed inflation in the United States has risen at the fastest rate since 1981, and the travel and tourism industries have already felt the force of the changes.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 8.5 percent in March year-over-year and 7.9 percent in February, the fastest jump registered since December 1981. As part of the inflation, airline fares climbed by 10.7 percent on a monthly basis and by nearly 24 percent over last year, due in part to rising fuel costs and increased demand for travel.
The CPI found that gas prices rose 18.3 percent month-on-month in March.

Travel demand has roared back, with some airlines reporting the highest ticket sales in their history.

U.S. passenger traffic has averaged about 89 percent of the pre-pandemic levels since mid-February, according to Transportation Security Administration (TSA) data.

The problem is that jet fuel prices have skyrocketed by more than 30 percent in the last month, a cost many carriers have decided to pass on to their customers, with average fares climbing by as much as 100 percent compared to 2021. Economists have voiced concern that rising fares and inflation could impact travel spending.

“You Can Travel” United States Department of State Announced

April 21 2022

Jamil Adams
The manner in which the United States will address its advisories for international travel has changed. Public health officials now have new practices in how they assess COVID-19 travel concerns.

According to Reuters, State Department officials said the update would leave only 10 percent of the nearly 120 countries and territories at “Level 4: Do Not Travel,” which includes all risk factors, not just coronavirus infections.

A State Department spokesperson spoke on the new framework saying “We believe the updated framework will help U.S. citizens make better informed decisions about the safety of international travel.”

The State Department also revealed it would no longer automatically correlate its advisory levels with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Travel Health Notice system.
The CDC announced it would change its Travel Health Notice system for international destinations.

Officials revealed the new system would reserve Level 4 travel health notices for special circumstances, such as rapidly escalating coronavirus case trajectory or extremely high case counts, the emergence of a new variant of concern or healthcare infrastructure collapse.
The 28-day incidence or cases counts for countries advised under Levels 1-3 will go into effect on April 18. This new system can be used as a tool for travelers to determine when they should not travel to a certain country.

In part with the announcement, President Joe Biden and his administration extended the nationwide mask mandate for public forms of transportation through May 3, as the government monitors reports of a surge in coronavirus cases.

National Parks Out Perform Pre-Pandemic Numbers

April 20 2022

Jamil Adams
We had no choice but to be outside, the travelers were at national parks. National Parks remained popular with U.S. travelers during the pandemic. Visitation numbers remained the same as pre-pandemic or doubled.

Data collected by ValuePenguin reflected that our national treasures recovered 91% of their pre-pandemic visitation in 2021 despite COVID-19.

Big Cypress National Preserve in Florida saw a 154 percent increase in visitation last year, jumping from approximately one million visitors in 2019 to 2.6 million in 2021.

The number of hours spent at national parks was down only five percent.

Urban parks, monuments and memorials typically have seen the slowest recoveries.

Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia, Boston National Historic Park and the Statue of Liberty National Park in New York all ranked in the bottom five for percentage change in visitors between 2019 and 2021.Those thinking of visiting one of the nation's many National Parks can stop in for free on April 16, 2022, kicking off National Park Week, which runs through April 24, 2022.

Cruisin it to Australia: Australia’s Ban Expires

April 19 2022

Jamil Adams
International Tourism is back! Week after week more travel bans are being lifted. On Sunday April 17, Australia lifted the final roadblock on its travel restrictions. Australia's ports have been prohibited from foreign vessels entering its ports since March 2020, shortly after the outbreak of COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic.

Australia is included in the list of countries that were heavily affected due to outbreaks that originated on a cruise ship. In which the Ruby Princess was the catalyst for the outbreak in Australia.

As a result of the outbreak coming from Princess Cruises, Australia placed some of the most restrictive bans on travel by any nation.
The cruise industry is an essential source to the Australian travel economy. According to Bloomberg News, citing data from the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the ban on cruise ships cost the Australian economy more than $7 billion over two years.

There are still details to work out. It is unknown if there will be a limit to capacity on ships docking at Australian ports, but it is known that all crew and passengers on ships arriving in Australia must be vaccinated. There is also expected to be face masks and testing protocols.

Schools out!(For now) Travels Spike Travel to Pre-Pandemic Numbers

April 18 2022

Jamil Adams
Schools Out and everyone is headed to the airport. As expected. The Easter Holiday weekend from April 14-17 contributed to the third highest number of flyers that the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has reported since 2019.

The seats through April 14-17 were filled at an astounding 93% capacity. Data also supported that delays were at a minimum.

Young Travelers are Changing the Travel Industry: Forcing the Rise in Buy now, Pay Later Options

April 14 2022

Jamil Adams
Younger Travelers are flooding the travel industry and impacting it in their own way. Is the rise in buy now, pay later options growing largely in part for Millennials and Gen Z travelers?

Recent Data collected by GlobalData found that Millennials and Gen Z are more concerned about their financial status than any other generation. Many factors contribute to this trend; such as higher living costs. 

Thirty-six percent of Millennials and 34 percent of Gen Z people reported being concerned about their finances, as opposed to only 16 percent of Boomers. Interestingly, the third-highest category was Gen X, at 30 percent.

Companies are conforming with the times and Millennials are pushing companies to offer partnerships with companies like Uplift, creating payment plans for everything travel related. From airfare to tours and cruises.

Insight Vacations, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines and Carnival Cruise Line are some of the travel companies offering partnerships with Uplift. There is much benefit of using these partnerships. Travelers can continue making payments even after they go on their trip, allowing them more time since Uplift pays for the trip in advance. Then the traveler is responsible for paying back Uplift as one would pay for a loan, often including interest, which of course adds to the overall amount a traveler will be paying.
New 2022 Study Shows That The Traveler is Ready 

April 13 2022

Jamil Adams
Airlines Reporting Corp revealed in its latest report that travel agency air ticket sales totaled at 5.4 billion in February 2022. Which is a 253% year-over-year increase from February 2022. The travel industry is inching back to its pre-pandemic peaks.

The new study from the booking technology platform Arrivia showed that the Traveler is ready to explore. The study results came back with 69 percent of respondents revealing their plans of travel this year. Another 24 percent responded that they already booked a vacation in 2022. 

Although, the pent-up traveler is ready to explore again but is not ready to pay the top price. Big ticket vacation prices are now being approached with much consideration. The need for value is what travelers are now looking for in their price. The study coming from Arrivia showed that tourists are using more points, and rewards from their loyalty programs to reduce and offset the costs of travel.

The traveler needs value. Arrivia Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Zotara said “After many canceled vacations and months spent at home, consumers are mindful of planning their trips in 2022. They want it to be special, but they also want value for money”

“That's why many travelers are turning to their loyalty programs as they plan, looking for rewards or upgrades that will let them save on their trip cost without cutting back on comfort or enjoyment,” Zotara continued.
Solo Travel is the Way To Go in 2022

April 12 2022

Jamil Adams
The Travel Industry has seen many changes after the pandemic and the increase in demand for solo travel is a new trend in 2022.

Gen-Z and Millennials leading the way. According to new research from MMGY, one in four travelers plans to travel solo in the next six months.

Solo Travelers are more likely to visit many destinations on their travels. Los Angeles showed in the study as a top destination. 53 percent of solo travelers had Los Angeles on their list of places to visit. Solo travelers are also more likely to travel to Chicago, Atlanta, Anaheim, Ann Arbor and Kansas City.

Solo travelers are exploring more. The want for nightlight is an influential factor for solo travelers when selecting a destination. 

Travel companies are seeing a trend toward solo travel as well. Some tour operators have begun catering to those traveling on their own with special deals and the waiving of single supplements.

“We anticipate that 2022 will be seen as a year of continued growth for the travel industry, with many Americans opting to ‘go big’ with their travels after playing it more conservative the last few years,” said Chris Davidson, executive vice president of MMGY Travel Intelligence. “Inflation and the recent increase in gas prices may mean that travelers choose to venture a bit closer to home or alter their spending slightly, but the demand for travel is palpable.”

CDC Lowers Covid 19 Travel Warnings for More Caribbean Countries

April 11 2022

Jamil Adams
A continuing trend, The U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lowed its travel warning levels for many Caribbean countries. 

As COVID-19 cases are diminishing around the world the government continues to be cautious in making its decisions to lift levels of entry warnings. 89 world nations are still on the CDC’s highest risk-level list, “Level 4: COVID-19 Very High”, while 43 more have been designated “Level 3: COVID-19 High”. Eleven countries are currently rated “Level 2: COVID-19 Moderate”, 48 fall under “Level 1: COVID-19 Low” and others that haven’t supplied sufficient data for assessment are simply labeled “Level Unknown”

The Carribean destinations St.Kitts and Nevis, and St Vincent and the Grenadines were lowered to Level 1: COVID-19 Low. Outside of the Caribbean, Bangladesh, Haiti, Myanmar, the Philippines and Saudi Arabia were also recategorized under Level 1.

In order to receive the lowest-risk designation, counties must have reported fewer than 50 new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents over the past four weeks. The CDC still recommends that travelers ensure they’re fully vaccinated before traveling to Level 1 destinations.

Carnival Updates Health and Safety Protocols

April 8 2022

Jamil Adams
Carnival Cruise Line updated its health and safety protocols to include booster shots on certain cruises and to update testing information for fully vaccinated guests.
The cruise line announced that guests who are up-to-date with their vaccines, including all booster shots, can obtain a negative COVID-19 test within three days of their scheduled sailing date.
Travelers who are fully vaccinated but not up-to-date on a booster will need a test within two days of the cruise departure.
"Certain longer cruises will also require that guests receive booster shots as well as be fully vaccinated.
Unvaccinated children age 11 and under are not required to purchase a Carnival Cruise Line shore excursion and may go ashore with their vaccinated parents/guardians.

Recent Studies Shows Travelers are Looking for Sustainable Options 

April 7 2022

Jamil Adams
In our current state sustainability has been known for coming with an additive cost. As travelers care about more sustainable practices, are they willing to pay for it?

According to new research from MMGY, the number of travelers who consider a company’s environmental efforts when making their travel decisions has increased. In 2021 15 percent said it was a consideration and in 2022, 20 percent of leisure travelers indicated it was impacting their travel choices.

The concern comes primarily from Millennials, followed by Gen-Z travelers. Six in 10 travelers are willing to pay more to companies that demonstrate more environmental stewardship. Although, majority respondents said that they would only pay between one to five percent more.

Younger generations, those with children and those with higher incomes are the groups most willing to pay more to companies that are environmentally friendlier.

Forty-two percent of travelers are willing to visit destinations in the off-season to avoid overcrowding, and 36 percent would use fewer single-use plastics while traveling. But just 21 percent are willing to pay $5 per night as a hotel fee to fund environmental and sustainability efforts in a destination.

Thirty percent of travelers would be willing to drive rather than fly, and 25 percent would book trips with environmentally friendly hotels and companies, but just 20 percent would pay a one percent fee at a restaurant to fund sustainability programs.

The study showed results that varied by generations. Boomers were more willing to drive rather than fly and visit destinations during the off season. Millennials and Gen-Z were the most likely to book with environmentally friendly companies. They are also more likely to be okay with paying extra fees at hotels and restaurants to support sustainability programs. 

Carnival’s Adolfo Perez Receives CLIA’s Lifetime Achievement Award

April 6 2022

Jamil Adams
Adolfo Perez, Carnival Cruise Line's senior vice president of global sales and trade marketing, was the recipient of Cruise Lines International Association's (CLIA) Lifetime Achievement Award for 2022.Perez was honored during the 2022 CLIA Hall of Fame Cruise Industry Awards for his contributions to the cruise industry during his 40 years at Carnival, which began in 1982 when at 16 he became an embarkation agent at PortMiami.
"For its part, Carnival celebrated its 50th birthday in March 2022.Perez formerly held the position of vice president of Carnival's Contact Center and opened the line's London office as vice president of Carnival UK and Ireland before assuming the position of senior vice president of global sales and trade marketing for the UK, Ireland and Australia consumer and trade.
During his career, Perez has assisted with the introduction of 34 Carnival ships and played a crucial role in cementing the line's relationship with the travel advisor community with such programs as Travel Agents Rock, which he memorialized with a tattoo of the same name.
Among many other things, Perez was responsible for the Agentpalooza Bus Tour and the "Why Use a Travel Advisor" campaign.
Added Carnival Corp President and CEO Arnold Donald, "Adolfo has been an integral part of Carnival's success and the growth and success of the global cruise industry for 40 years.

American Express Global Business Travel Becoming a Public Company

April 5 2022

Jamil Adams
American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) announced on Friday that it will go public, entering into a definitive business combination agreement with Apollo Strategic Growth Capital (APSG) in a move expected to create the world's largest publicly traded B2B travel platform.
The two companies will combine at pro forma market capitalization of $5.3 billion and the new listing on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is projected to accelerate growth strategy and provide additional investment capacity.
The move was made possible by a number of key investors, including Apollo, Ares, HG Vora, Sabre and Zoom.
The new company will list on the NYSE under the ticker symbol "GBTG."GBT will continue to have the right to use the American Express trademark in connection with the American Express Global Business Travel and American Express GBT Meetings & Events brands under an 11-year agreement set to take effect upon closure of the transaction.
"Becoming a public company will be a historic milestone on GBT's growth journey.

According to Delta CEO Cost of Oil Will Affect Airfare 

April 1 2022

Jamil Adams
Following the tensions in Ukraine, talk of the rising oil prices circulated the news. We then saw the effects in our everyday at the gas pumps. In the travel industry we knew our time was to come soon & the time is now.

During an interview with British Broadcasting Corporation Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian said he can see airfares rising at least 10%. With International traveling likely to be slightly higher. The time to book your plane ticket is now. As seat availability decreases on planes you will see drastic increases in the price for you travel. 

Despite the rise in gas prices, airlines are excited about the demand for travel and tourism. COVID-19 numbers are decreasing, and entry requirements are being lifted, as seat availability decreases on planes you will see drastic increases in price for you travel. 

If you are planning to travel during the summer, you should begin framing your vacation soon. There is no time table on how long gas prices will increase for. Ed Bastian talked on Delta’s plan to place surcharged on their ticket prices to account for the expected increase. 

"I think the $100 [oil] we are experiencing today may not be the highest level of prices we'll be seeing in the next weeks,” Dr Fatih Birol, executive director of the International Energy Agency, told the BBC.”

The CDC Lifts restrictions for Cruise Ships

March 31 2022

Jamil Adams
The full cruising experience is back! The CDC lifted COVID-19 restrictions that took away from the passenger’s experience. Cruises now are allowed to go back to their passenger interactive experiences that were under previous suspensions. All your favorite cruise activities are back! Mixology classes, galley tours, cooking classes, dance classes and all your favorite interactives are free to resume.

The CDC lifted ship and capacity limits at ports. Social distancing is now changed to a recommendation not a requirement. 

The CDC also changed their regulations for individuals who are in found to be in close contact with a COVID-19 positive guest. No longer do you have to quarantine to isolation cabins. If the guest in contact is identified within 36 hours prior to disembarkation they can remain in their own cabin. 

The Cruise Lines International Association was pleased with this new lift. CLIA’s response:

“The updates announced today acknowledge the effectiveness of the cruise lines in their ability to create an environment that provides one of the highest levels of COVID-19 mitigation and reflect the improvements in the public health landscape.”

The CDC lowered cruise ships health warning to a level 2. 
 The trip was fun but the process to get there was just a little too much
Cruises Are Making Embarkation Easier to Navigate COVID-19 Check in Requirements with Tech-Based Programs

March 30 2022

Jamil Adams

The major Cruise Lines are improving the pre-boarding guest experience. VeriFLY is a one stop app for all your check in requirements. VeriFLY allows you to check in for your cruise in less than 10 seconds. As many know the embarkation process can be lengthily. VeriFLY vaccine verification program can be completed from the comfort of your own home or any destination you choose through the app.

The VeriFLY app is available for download at Google Play and the Apple App Store.
Airline CEOs say the Demand for Travel is soaring despite airfare prices increasing.

March 29 2022

Jamil Adams

We’re approaching summer time, COVID-19 seems to be slowing down. The pent-up traveler is ready to go! Despite the airfare fluctuations in price.

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In London during a press conference Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastain & Virgin Atlantic CEO Shai Weiss both spoke on the traveling demand.

Bastian said he hasn’t come close to the point of nervousness following the rise in oil prices. Bastian said that this has been the strongest demand that he has seen in his career. The pent-up demand due to COVID-19 has changed the way travelers buy. Consumers are now much more willing to pay a higher price to fly. Many haven’t brought a flight for over two years and now are happy to be back in the sky.

Bastian supports his claims with the new data that shows that flights are back to pre-pandemic levels.

Jet fuel is the second largest expense for airlines, right behind employee compensation. Just over a year ago oil was $60 a barrel. Now days it is double that. Scott Keyes founder of the aviation site Scott’s Cheap Flights noted that flight prices are not jumping as significantly yet because airlines purchase fuel weeks and months in advance.

“If the current price spike is a blip, and comes back down in not too long, then it won’t have had a major impact,” Keyes said. “If the price of oil spikes and stays high for months, though, some portion of that will certainly be passed on to travelers in the form of higher ticket prices.”
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I want to you to enjoy the transformative experience of travel. You can really do it let's plan it. You now have a friend in the Travel Industry

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